Placenta Prints: honor your baby’s placenta

Honor your baby's placenta with a beautiful & artistic keepsake. Placenta prints can be added to any encapsulation package.

This afternoon, I spent some time with a lovely new family. The mama, 4 months postpartum, had her baby’s placenta in the freezer and was unsure what to do with it since she wasn’t really interested in encapsulating. After a bit of research, this mom decided to have placenta prints done and afterward she planted it beneath a plant. Placenta prints are a beautiful, unique, and artistic way to honor your baby’s placenta.

Since my client wasn’t encapsulating, I was able to dedicate more time to her prints and ended up giving her 8 very different pieces of art depicting her baby girl’s lifeline. Because she wasn’t consuming her placenta, I didn’t absolutely have to use food-based pigments, which gave me some freedom with materials. She decided to use black ink and the result was striking, especially when all the ink prints were displayed together. In the end, she had a very diverse collection, some made of blood, some watercolor, and some in India ink.

Below are a few of the prints, this mom ended up with. What do you think?

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